[ass2m] Saving your purchasing cost for quality Ferro alloys and silicon materials

Gao renrfsib at reqad.info
Sun Sep 3 02:35:21 CEST 2017

Hi Dear,

Hello,I am Gao from Xinxin Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd,nice to meet you.

We are the factory specialized in ferro alloys & silicon materials.Our products mainly include:

1.Ferro silicon( powder、granule、lump、ball);
2.Silicon Metal,Silicon carbide,Silicon Nitride,Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon,Silicon Slag Ball;
3.Si-Ca,Si-Al,Si-Al-Ba-Ca,Inoculant,Mould Inoculant,Carburant,Mould Powder For Pipe Casting,Alloy Cored Wire;

HACCP,ISO,SGS,CE,UL certificated,we will be your reliable business partner.

Best regards,

Henan Xinxin Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd
Add:Qugou town,Anyang city,Henan,China

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