[ass2m] Ferro alloys and silicon materials supplier

Gao chy at gvs.biz
Sat Mar 18 11:56:29 CET 2017

Dear Sir,

We are the manufacturer of ferro alloys and silicon materials in China, and our products include:

1. Ferro silicon, Calcium silicon, CaSi cored wire, Silicon magnesium;
2. Silicon metal, Silicon powder, Silicon briquette, Silicon carbide;
3. Inoculant, Nodulant, Mould powder, Carburant;

We have good cooperation relationship with POSCO, Hyundai, JFE and TATA.

You can find more from our website.

If you are interested in any item, please fell free to contact with me.

Best regards,

Henan Xinxin Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd
Add:Qugou town, Anyang city, Henan, China

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