[ass2m] Electric resistance alloy products+ offer to top 5 company of Shipyard and Steel factory

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Wed Oct 26 02:25:55 CEST 2016

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We are in the market of the Electric resistance alloy products and precious metals.

Main products: 
1: Nichrome alloy(wire and strip): Cr20Ni80,Cr30Ni70, Cr20Ni40,Cr20Ni30, Cr20Ni35,Cr15Ni60

2: Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy(wire and strip): HRE, 0Cr27Al7Mo2, 0Cr21Al6Nb, 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr13Al4, 0Cr23Al5, 0Cr15Al5, 0Cr21Al4

3: CuNi alloy(wire and strip):cuni2,cuni6,cuni9,cuni15,cuni30,cuni35,cuni40,cuni44

4: Platinum wire and platinum sheet: 
Platinum wire: 0.02mm-20mm,pure: (99.95-99.99%)
Platinum Rhodium crucible: 5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,25ml,30ml,50ml,100ml,200ml
Platinum crucible: 5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,25ml,30ml,50ml,100ml,200ml, (pure: 99.95-99.99%)
Gold wire and gold film: 0.025-20mm, (pure: 99.95-99.99%)

5: Thermocouple wire: K, T,N,J type,(diameter: 0.1-30mm)

6: Stainless steel products
Stainless steel wire: 304,316L,309s,310s. (diameter: 0.1mm-200mm)
Stainless steel pipe: 304,316L,309s,310s. 
Stainless steel plate: 304,316L,309s,310s. 

7: nickel wire: diameter:0.025mm-50mm,pure: 99.5-99.7% Nickel strip: pure: 99.5-99.7%

1. Pass the ISO9002 
2. Cooperation with Chinese top 5 company of Shipyard and Steel factory
3. Export more than 100 countries
4. Study new and special material ability
5. High quality offer Military industry

1. You can get free to change the product in one year
2. Complete after-sales offer 
3. Complete solution document

If you have any interest and cooperate, welcome to contact us in any time
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